Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stylemaker?

Stylemaker is an advanced tool which allows users to create their own combinations of meshes to derive from. As you select the pieces you wish to add, the preview avatar will update to show you the style you are creating. Purple areas indicate which parts you will be able to apply your own texture to. If the combination you choose already exists, Stylemaker will find the mesh for you and allow you to derive right away. If the combination you choose has not been added to the catalog yet, you will have the option to submit it for processing. Once the style is available for derivation, you will receive a homepage message with a derive link. Please allow up to 24 hours for new styles to be created.

What else should I know about Stylemaker meshes?

Stylemaker meshes are high quality meshes created or licensed by KittenKat (Oy! Designs). They are specially designed to be small in size (low poly, with small textures) to optimize the performance of your final product. Most pieces are seamless, and all meshes are designed to be easy to texture.

When I go to derive from my combo, I am noticing some body/mesh parts are clipping. How can I fix this?

Some meshes may not be cross-compatible, and may clip in some poses. You are most likely to see this issue with enhanced or 'hippy' pelvises, which are likely to clip regular skirts. If you create a combination that you are not happy with, feel free to come back and submit a new one! Some clipping issues, such as when multiple skirts are layered, can be resolved with opacity maps.

How can I find combinations I have previously submitted?

Any meshes you submit will be automatically added to your favorites list. You can check the status of any pending styles there. You can also click the star on any product page to add it to your favorites list as well. (You will need to allow cookies in order for this feature to work).

Can I leave items derived from Stylemaker meshes derivable?

In our opinion, it is best to leave your product derivable only if you have added something of value for another creator, such as another mesh, a pose, or a unique opacity map. If you add something like this to your product, we have no problem with you leaving your item derivable.

Where can I find templates (UVW Maps) for these meshes?

Developer Templates (UVW Maps) for each piece are available under the preview avatar.

How is the final derivation price determined?

Derivation pricing ranges from about 300 to 400 credits, based upon the complexity of the final combination.

I am a mesher. How can I use Stylemaker?

Using the IMVU previewer, meshers can add their own meshes to Stylemaker derivations. For example, you could create a Stylemaker combo with Full Sleeves, Pleated Skirt, and MCG Pelvis, and add your own shirt mesh using the previewer. Additionally, in the future we may be approaching other meshers to license their meshes for use in Stylemaker.

I am a new IMVU Creator. Where can I find some tutorials on creating for IMVU?

Please check out the tutorials from KittenKat, which will introduce you to the basic concepts you will need to create your own content for IMVU. For more advanced topics, the IMVU Creator Center has tons of tutorials which should address almost any question you might have.

What new features are in the works for Stylemaker?

New mesh pieces will be added frequently to Stylemaker, so check back often! We are also working on a Male version of Stylemaker. Also we hope to add email notification, as well as an improved 'favorites' interface, in the near future.

Where can I buy cheap IMVU Credits?

You can support Stylemaker, KittenKat, and many other talented IMVU creators by purchasing your discounted IMVU credits from, a registered reseller of IMVU Credits.